Do You Remember When You Weren't Scared To Move?

We often hear, “I’m just scared to move.” from clients that have been suffering with an injury or pain that has been with them for weeks, months, even years!

Do you remember the days when you could move freely without being scared of the consequence of bending or twisting any way you wish? 

Unfortunately, when you walk with “hesitancy” your muscles do not contract and relax the way they should. Imagine how freely your kids run up and down the soccer field or basketball court. 

When you are hurt... don't you always feel super tired?! 

It’s because you can’t RELAX

But that’s not entirely your fault. Your body is pretty much in PROTECTION MODE when you are in pain. 

Imagine walking on a flat solid surface such as the sidewalk versus on a frozen lake. On the slippery ice, chances are you are going to tense up your arms, legs, take smaller steps, feel some neck tightness, hold your breath and even possibly clench your jaw.  

Sound familiar? How do we get out of it? 

Part of Physical Therapy, Chiropractic and overall Wellness care is addressing the mechanical issues such as strength, flexibility, stability, etc. We can help you with the best hands on treatment and exercise selection around. 

BUT… a very important part often missed is someone to UNDERSTAND YOUR SITUATION and GUIDE YOU ALONG THE WAY

When we are hurt, we second guess how much we are supposed to do and end up either doing too much or too little. If we do too little, we don’t make the amount of progress that we are wishing for and get discouraged. If we do too much, it sets us even farther back and we get even more let down than before. 

Even for us, it is super important that whoever takes care of us LISTENS TO OUR CONCERNS, and helps us FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE AND NOT THE NEGATIVE. 

This is EXACTLY why the HealthFit Team treats on a 1 on 1 basis and takes the time to help keep our clients active and mobile to restore their belief health’s potential.

Dr. Jason Han & Dr. Kelli Han (Physical Therapist/Chiropractor)