But My Doctor Told Me Not To Squat?!

If you are dealing with knee, hip or back pain… How many times has your doctor told you not to squat? or…

… Squatting is bad for your knees

We honestly hear this time and time again and I feel the most important part is EDUCATION. 

Our advice to most is, “I agree… Don’t squat WRONG… You should learn how to squat CORRECTLY.” 

If you think about it, squatting is a fundamental movement we have to do in everyday life. Whether it is getting off the toilet or going up the stairs, you have to perform a squat motion in order to even get through life. 

I’m not saying that we expect you to perform a perfect squat below parallel with a barbell on your back… I’m saying that you need to learn how to execute even a partial squat motion which will greatly improve your everyday life. 

The goal of any exam is to find out WHY you are having a hard time squatting without pain. Yes the knee is involved, but it’s even more important to exam other parts of the body that may be having an influence on your squat mechanics. 

Is your knee twisted the wrong way? Are your hips or ankles tight? Do you have a history of low back pain? 

These are just some of things to consider when looking at someone’s history. 

We help you get active and mobile with a combination of hands on care, stretching, exercises, education to help you and your CONFIDENCE to move better. 

Don’t get me wrong, you probably won’t be CURED in a day… but chances are you’ve done something over the course of YEARS that has gotten you to this point.  

Rome was not built in a day but we can certainly do our best to help you stay active and mobile to restore your belief in health’s potential.

Dr. Jason Han (Physical Therapist/Sports Clinical Specialist)