Can Justin Bieber's Posture Contribute To Jaw Pain and Headaches?

If you suffer from jaw pain then you know it sometimes feels like you got in a fight with the food you are eating and the food won.

The Temporomandibular joint also know as the TMJ or jaw joint usually have pain, tenderness, popping, or clicking. Some people might try medications, a soft food diet, or mouth guards to relieve symptoms. That is exactly what they may do, relieve symptoms, not fix or address the cause of the pain and discomfort.

What most people don't realize is that there is an important relationship between the jaw and neck position. There are a number of muscles that attach from the skull into the jaw so that you can do normal tasks without pain such as eating or talking.

When one or multiple muscles become overworked, fatigued, or tightened it can create other problems such as headaches or neck pain. Problems are commonly cause by chewing on one side, biting your nails, or grinding your teeth.

A chiropractor can work on these muscles to relieve the extra tension as well as help maintain motion in the joint. When proper motion is restored the jaw can have the ability to function as it should and any pain, popping, and clicking should subside. Additionally relieving that tension will decrease stress which in turn makes you less likely to bite your nails or grind your teeth if you are relaxed.

Matthew Starling - Certified Applied Kinesiologist