Is your fitness program actually improving your quality of life?

All of us have our own individual goals when deciding to workout. They might be to lose weight, get stronger, get more flexible and look better?

I challenge you to dig a little deeper and ask yourself why these goals even matter? I need you to find your “BHAG”… your BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL!

“I WILL the able to lift and play with my grandchildren versus sitting on the couch watching them.”

“I WILL look and feel better physically so I have confidence approaching new people.”

“I WILL be consistent with my health because I am sick and tired of being in pain all the time.”

Our individual and semi-private fitness coaching programs here at HealthFit Performance and Wellness in Pasadena, CA take a balanced approach to your training. This means we look at movement quality, balance, flexibility, mobility, strength, endurance, power and FUNCTION!

Spending half of your session on barbell bench presses may get your pecs bigger, but will no way shape in form improve that discomfort as you sit at your desk all day. Our overall approach targets your entire body so you feel, look, perform better and have a great time!

We could spend an entire session working on high intensity interval training, but that may not be congruent with your movement assessment that revealed you have a bunch of balance and stability issues. There is a maximum of 6 participants in each group so your individual goals can and will be targeted during each session. You will no longer be lost in the crowd.

Our challenge to you is:

  1. Find your BHAG
  2. Make smarter and balanced decisions regarding your fitness routine
  3. Be consistent and execute your plan

Wishing you a life of incredible health and wellness,

Dr. Jason Han & Coach Allister Buchanan