Why does my back hurt when I sit too long?

Spending hours at your desk with annoying low back pain? Want to do something about it but don’t know how?

Unfortunately we live in a society that lends itself to prolonged hours sitting at the computer or on the couch watching TV. We are no longer hunters and gatherers that have to spend the majority of the time on our feet searching for food.  

When it comes to anatomy and biomechanics, EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. Sitting for hours on end leads to short and stiff hip flexors and hamstrings. As you can see, shortening of these muscle groups leads to excessive lower back rounding or “lumbar flexion.”

From a training and fitness perspective, your programming should be aimed at combating this prolonged posture and getting your tall and strong.

If you are looking for some relief while at work… here are three tips I want you to do EVERY HOUR!


2. Standing Hip Flexor Stretch (30 seconds on each side)

Standing Hamstring Stretch (30 seconds on each side)

The hope is that these quick and easy activities will “reset” you from that horrible posture you have at your desk and prevent you from ending up like this guy.

Dedicated to restoring your health and wellness,

Dr. Jason Han & Dr. Kelli Han