After I Get My Injection... I'm Good Right?

For this blog post, I’ll specifically be talking about injections in your back but there are definitely other locations you can have injections that this would apply too.

Often, patients will opt for medical management of their back pain with injections (which is totally fine!) I just want to speak a little about care after your injection.

I am sincerely happy when patients come to me after an injection and say that they feel all better! However, I always caution against abandoning physical therapy because you feel great. When you are feeling pain free is the best time to capitalize on making improvements!

Without your chronic low back pain, you’re able to move more freely because you aren’t experiencing pain as you were before. It’s a great time for you to work on your technique in physical therapy and challenge yourself as well as develop a great home exercise program. The home exercise program is very important because it’s what you are going to be able to do to help manage your low back pain and hopefully decrease recurrence.

As much as I love to see my patients, a big part of my goals for my patients is the ability for them to be independent and able to manage their pain. That being said, if they do have a flare up or want to come in to check in or progress their home exercise program - I highly encourage it!

Mary Claire Malooly, PT, DPT, MSAT, ATC