How Does STRESS Impact Your Health?

Stress is completely normal and natural, the problem becomes when there is too much stress for a prolonged period of time. Unfortunately this is becoming all too common in today's society.

Stress can come in many forms wether it is physical, chemical, or emotional. If you had a too many slices of apple or pumpkin pie during the holiday season, had to be around that one family member that you just cant stand, or put on an extra 10 pounds like I did, then you are experiencing stress.

When we talking about stress there are 2 forms, eustress and distress. Eustress is typically considered as being beneficial or good while distress is usually negative. Eustress comes from positive and healthy activities such as hitting the gym or running for 5 miles. Distress can come from working a 50 hour week or being frustrated with your job.

There are a number of negative side effects from being stressed for long periods of time, some of which are fatigue, sickness, weight challenges, insomnia, and hormone imbalances. Any of these by themselves would be bad, but as it is in real life when it rains it pours and you usually have 2 or more of these symptoms. There's some easy strategies that you can do to help relive stress and get back to living:

1.      Remove yourself from the stressful situation if possible
2.      Mediate or breathing exercises
3.      Start an exercise program
4.      Eat healthier
5.      Spend time with a furry friend

No matter what you decide to do to relieve stress make sure it is healthy for you and your body. The most important thing is to get your stress under control so you can be the best you that you can be.

~ Dr. Matthew Starling - Certified Applied Kinesiologist