Which Is The Best Mattress For Me?

One question we constantly get asked is “What is the best mattress for me and how should I sleep." Much like everything else in life there is not just one easy answer to fix all the world's problems. One of the biggest factors is individual comfort, that is because comfort plays a huge role in our lives and helps us decide to do or not to do something.

If we break down the 24 Hours of the day most people get around 8 hours of sleep. Some people might say they only get 6 hours on a good night which is still somewhat acceptable. So that means we spend 25%-33% of our lives sleeping most of which will be on a mattress. If we are spending that much time using something, we would want to be extremely comfortable. If you had to stand all day for work or had a 2 hour commute to and from work you would want shoes and a car that were very comfortable otherwise by the end of the day you would be achey, sore, and likely grumpy.

There are so many options when it comes to mattresses and pillows and each one works for someone. When it comes to using pillows or not, the big recommendations are to remove any excess pillows. And if we are going to use a pillow, just use one. One option is to just take a small hand towel and roll it up and place it behind your neck so it protects the natural curve of your neck and doesn’t elevate our head during the entire night. Some people just need a pillow to sleep with and can’t use the towel. For these people just sliding the pillow down so it covers your shoulders and your upper back is the best bet. Instead of just elevating and bending the head this keeps the head and neck as a unit.

When people are starting out shopping for a new mattress it should be no less than a few hours. The reasoning behind this is you should be laying down and testing the mattress for at least 20-30 minutes. If we look at just the overall time we are in bed laying down for 5 minutes just doesn’t cut it for picking out a mattress. You should be testing out different firmness or softness because each persons personal preference is different. Usually my golden rule is the bed that feels the most comfortable or the one you actually fall asleep on is the one you get.

Some of our mattresses are very costly investments, as they should be. This is because we are spending up to 1/3rd of our life or maybe even more in a bed and we should have it be comfortable. So from a consumer stand point we want it to last as long as possible so we aren't having to buy a new mattress every 4 or 5 years. One of the biggest things we can do to protect this is to flip and or rotate our mattress every 6 months. Over time things break down. If you sleep alone you’re breaking down one side at a time. If you sleep with someone else then both sides are being broken down at the same time. Usually there is some sort of size difference regardless if it is height or weight. Both of these factors will contribute to the breakdown of the mattress.

At the end of the day comfort is key. If you are not comfortable then the likelihood of you not having a restful night sleep is greatly increased which will just continue to hurt you.

Dr. Matthew Starling, Chiropractor