Fuel Good, Feel Good!

When some people say they are trying to lose fat or gain muscle there is usually a laundry list of items that follows. It usually includes this diet shake, these supplements, that protein powder, that “miracle” cure and the list just goes on. A good portion of the time, people generally get frustrated with weight loss or gain because of the difficulty with it.

Some may even reach for the easier direct route such as surgery, lipo, or the lapband. While these interventions generally do work, if you don’t change the habits that got you into that position then the time and money spent on the surgery will likely be wasted. As it is just a matter of time before you likely start to gain it back.

Food should be seen and used as fuel. If you put poor quality fuel in then you will get poor performance. If you are planning a vacation and you are flying half way across the world your plane ticket might cost about $1,000. As you are looking you see a “great deal” for only $200. The airline says that they can save you a bunch of money on your ticket because they are using regular car gasoline or crude oil that hasn’t been refined. While it may be cheaper the actually efficiency or success of the flight will be in danger. If you want things to run and perform well then you need high quality fuel, and that comes from what you eat and drink.

Fuel Good.jpeg

There are 5 big questions we need to ask to make sure you are on the right track to get to your goal. What are you eating? When do you eat? How much are you eating? What combination of foods are you eating? Are you not eating any foods/food groups because of personal, religious, or health reasons? If your eating is not quite right some common problems occur. These can include gas, bloating, pain, nausea, indigestion, and abnormal weight gain or loss. Being able to address these properly will give you the greatest aid in your weight or physique goals.

If your goal is to gain weight as in lean muscle mass or lose weight or fat it ALWAYS starts in the kitchen.