“Sciatica” Sufferers… Could ‘Stretching’ Be Making Your Injury Worse?

“I’ve had sciatica pain in my right leg and piriformis syndrome for 19 months."  

Said a frustrated Sarah (age 47), who injured her back during a ‘boot-camp’ exercise class almost 2 years ago... 

sciatic pain.jpeg

She had been suffering from that deep ‘tooth-ache’ like feeling in her right hip (literally a pain in the butt) which shot down her leg any time she tried to sit down or bend forward. (commonly known as ‘sciatica)

At the time Sarah injured herself, she had lost 15 pounds, was looking great, feeling confident, and was starting to feel like her old self again. Unfortunately, the injury not only took away her ability to exercise… but everyday activities like sitting, driving and tying her shoes took a toll on her body.

Could this be happening to you?

Sciatica problems are becoming more common every single day, because as a society we are spending more time sitting and less time moving than ever before. 

Sciatica can come from a ‘pinched nerve’ radiating out of your back, which shoots into your hip and down your leg. Often complicated with issues at the hip, the most common causes are prolonged sitting, improper ‘bending’ at your back and starting recreational activity you may not be ready for. 

She had tried ‘EVERYTHING’ but nothing helped:

Sciatic Pain 02.jpg

Sarah, like so many others had fallen into the trap of trying to fix the ‘symptom’ of pain.

She had spent countless hours (and dollars) with people just trying to STRETCH her right hip, but the pain never went away…

Although those treatments TEMPORARILY alleviated her pain, it was simply making the injury worse… leading to months (even years) of unnecessary sciatica suffering.  

So how did we ultimately help her?

Everything in our body is truly ‘connected’. A combination of old injuries, poor posture and bad habits all placed tension and pressure on her back and hip... and THIS was causing her ‘sciatica’.

And for Sarah, we identified THREE areas of her body which had been largely ignored since she’d been SO focused on trying to fix the ‘symptom’ of her sciatica.

•                Weak ‘glute’ muscles: Instead of stretching her hip, Sarah needed to STRENGTHEN these muscles to support her back and active lifestyle. And for her, it may have come from doing too much, too fast in her ‘boot-camp’ class.

•                An old knee injury: 10 years ago, Sarah had a ‘meniscus’ surgery that never quite got to 100%. Having one leg stronger (and straighter) than the other created an “uneven” pelvis. This put much more strain on ONE side of her back. 

•                Doing the wrong ‘core’ exercises: All exercises are not created equal as Sarah followed exercises she found online. Instead of helping, she was just accentuating her poor posture making her symptoms worse.

And how is she doing now?

After taking a big-picture approach to rehab, Sarah was finally able to heal. She is now back to exercising with NO pain and WITHOUT the need for any form of injections or surgery. She can FINALLY get back to living her normal life again. 

Can YOUR ‘sciatica’ or back problems be helped?

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