What Does Health Mean To You?


What are the two resources in life that we generally can’t get back once they are lost? Most people say money, trust, or happiness. While there are multiple answers that are correct, my answers are always time and health. No matter where you live, how old you are, what color, or what gender these two resources are universal. A minute is the same to me as it is to a child in Japan and the same goes for health. The difference between you and someone else is what you DECIDE to do with your time and health. At the end of the day everything that WE CHOOSE to do or not to do is a decision and we are responsible for them.

There is no difference between the multimillionaire, the 60 year old man that runs a 3 hour marathon and yourself. There have been numerous of cases where someone was given every little tool needed to succeed in life and they throw it all away as well as someone that started off with nothing and is now some of the most influential people in the world.

My focus is on health. I have seen countless people suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. If you have ever been sick even with the common cold, how do you feel? It sounds like a dumb question, but most of the time unhappy, tired, and grumpy just to name a few. If you feel like that when you are just sick for a few days just imagine how hard it must be when larger problems arise than a little sniffle.

When you look at your health what are some of the key markers you look for? Weight? Muscles? Being sick or not? Not being in pain? Being able to run or bike? Eating well? Not being angry? Healthy skin?

The true image of health is each of these. You can NOT be truly healthy and not be able to exercise, be sick continually, or eat poorly. Once one aspect falls, it usually becomes a viscous cycle that is hard to break.

Imagine that you recently received some bad news. People may grieve, be upset, or be like most people and find some vice to help cope. These are usually comfort foods, alcohol, smoking, and drugs just to name a few. Regardless of your choice usually you feel good for a small amount and then it fades. After it fades you feel worse or just different than before. This includes being bloated, hung over, gassy, or in pain. If you feel any of these you are likely to feel uncomfortable again which means you will likely reach toward your comfort food or vice again. You can see how this goes right?

Choose Health.jpg

Health is built on pillars. Physical, chemical, and emotional. There’s something that most people can relate to is working in an environment that you are unhappy with. Regardless of the reasons you are unhappy, most people end up feeling more stressed which makes them not want to make “smart” choices like eating well or exercising because these things are harder and take longer to show results so we make compromises in our health. A compromise is just a situation where 2 people don’t get their way. So don’t make compromises with your body. If you look at a tripod, what happens if one of the legs shifts or falls? The entire structure fails.

Don’t let your body fail.