Are Injuries Limiting Your Golf Game?

Have you noticed differences in your short game vs long game on the course? The challenge with sports that involve a swing or a throw is that the motion is very complex. It is easy to throw a ball or swing a golf club but there is nothing easy about doing it well. Those that find themselves in the rough or having a constant slice will know what I’m talking about.

The club that should be your powerhouse is your driver and in the human body our powerhouse should be our spine. If you want to have strong and consistent shots you need to make sure your spine and the rest of your body are working together. If there is a disconnect between them, then we end up having to compensate through other areas just to make sure we end up finishing the swing.

Some of the biggest factors when we want to determine how well the swing will stem from the stance or the swing itself. If your posture is off by being in more of a C or S position, we start the swing off by needing to compensate. If this happens we are set up to use more of our shoulders, arms, and low back which usually ends up with injury.

Golf Pain .jpg

When you go through the swing phase you need to be able to move through our shoulders, hips, arms, and back properly to help ensure a consistent swing. Golfers have a tendency to move really well through their shoulders and arms and rely on that to finish the swing. This leads to numerous injuries as well a poor golf swing.

All of these scenarios are based off of a healthy player with no injuries or discomfort, if that is not you then you are going to make even more compensations which doesn’t spell success for your golf game. Many times if injuries persist or if your swing mechanics are off it ends up with more pain and less likelihood that you will be able to continue playing as much as you like.