“After coming back from a broken leg, I had developed very severe Achilles tendinitis.  It was very painful and nearly impossible for me to play with getting treatment.  I saw Jason for a few months and was pleasantly surprised at his knowledge.  Not only did he help me get back on the field, but taught me a lot of new methods of treatment I wasn’t using.  That being said, he was just a pleasure to work with, and if I had more time in one place, his office would be the one you’d see me in!! All my best to Jason!!”

~ Abby Wambach (World Cup, Olympic Gold Medalist)

Heath M 01.jpg

“I had a bothersome hamstring since the 2005 season.  Throughout that time, it seemed as though I treated the hamstring every way known to man.  Ice, stim, ultrasound, stretch, acupuncture, ART, massage, you name the treatment and my desperation probably led me to try it.  Fortunately, I met Jason during training camp in 2009.  Jason assessed my body’s deficiencies and went to work.  Immediately I felt a difference in my hamstring.  I continued to see Jason throughout the course of the ’09 season.  It was the best my hammy had felt in 4 years.  I credit Jason for solving my hamstring troubles and will certainly rely on his expertise in the future.”

~ Heath Miller (2x Superbowl Champion, Pro Bowl Selection)

“Dr. Han and I met well over a decade ago while we were both athletes at the Olympic Training Center. Since then I have come to trust and rely on his expert advice and diagnosis regarding my body and its mechanical and motor functions or dysfunctions; thus allowing me to continue competing pain free. Numerous times I have consulted with Dr. Han while with my professional teams in Europe, and he has always been open and honest with his input on how to approach the issue without adding more strain or stress to the troubled area. This has been key in getting me back on the court as soon as possible. I am extremely fortunate to know and work with such a skilled professional. He truly understands what it means to train and stress the body to its limits, and understands the correct and safe route to repairing it when it gets cranky.”

~ Heather Bown (3x Olympian)




“I appreciate you laying hands on me throughout this rough NFL season, because of you I feel strong and flexible like Stretch Armstrong! Thanks for the work my man, I know you’re gonna blow up!”

~ Rashard Mendenhall (2x Superbowl Champion)



“I highly recommend Dr. Jason Han to all athletes, gymnasts, dancers or anybody in pain from an injury.  He is a mastermind when it comes to how the body functions through movement, but also a truly caring heart.   He sincerely wants you to be free of pain and get you back in full function for your sport, performing career, competing, or everyday life.  Not only does he give you with the gift of pain free movement, but knowledge about how to keep it that way too.

 ~ Bruce Weber (Professional Dancer)


“Dr. Han helped me tremendously when rehabbing from injuries. His help let me recover full and fast and return to playing better than ever. He continues to give me the tools to build and improve and reach my potential. His knowledge and professionalism is second to none. I am truly thankful for all of his help.”

~ Blake Weyrick (USA Hockey)


A few years back I was an amateur dancer at a college in Pittsburgh when I suffered an anterior tibial stress facture.  After 6 months of PT and no sign of healing, I aggressively had an IM (Intramedullary) Rod and screw placed into the bone and was told I would be back dancing in 6 months.  However, a year later I was not even able to walk down steps without pain and was then told by many other doctor and physical therapist that I would never be able to dance again let alone pursue it as a profession.  I then met Jason when he worked at Sports Works in Pittsburgh, who, like me, would not accept that as an answer.  He worked on and helped me learn more about my functional hip rotation solving some of the knee and lower leg pain caused by the rod.  For the first time in a year there was hope. I was devastated to find out he was moving across the country; however, he didn’t leave me stranded.  Via email and phone he helped me come to my decision to get the rod removed.  He informed me about how to help myself with myofascial release while strengthening and different techniques I could rely on even when other PTs were not so helpful.  He helped me not only get my career of dancing fully back, but also gave me more knowledge about the kinesthetic function of my movement to prevent injury.  He is very passionate and dedicated to his patients, which is quite rare in a world of cookie cutter physical therapy offices.  For many it’s more about handing the patient a piece of paper with an exercise briefly described and then walking away to complete paperwork.  But Jason cares about the quality of the exercise and teaches what it is targeting.  Basically Jason is bombdiggity, knows he stuff, and is beyond recommended!”

~ Sarah Zielinski (Professional Dancer)

"It was a pleasure working with Dr. Jason and Kelli Han. Their methods were effective and precise. As I got back to the team they were impressed on how much I have gained all thanks to you guys. I am thankful I was referred to you."

~ Chase Budinger (NBA Basketball - Indiana Pacers)