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I have been for both physical therapy and chiropractic and have been very happy with my treatments. My evaluations have always made sense and the treatment has yielded very noticeable improvements. They have also been able to communicate me on the root cause of my injury and educate me on how to target the therapy. I am now weaning off pain killers, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatory pills, and my shoulder/neck mobility and discomfort have greatly improved.
— Jason M.
The team at HealthFit are life savers!!! They have kept me healthy for awhile now. I am now able to workout without restrictions. They genuinely care about every person and it is obvious when you enter the door. I’ve seen a lot of doctors in the past, and they are the best. HealthFit is an amazing comprehensive clinic that has literally EVERYTHING! Whether you are dealing with pain, wanting to improve your health, or want to get better and faster with your sport, THIS is the place to be. Thank you Docs for everything you do for me and all patients. I couldn’t ask for better care.
— Chris G.

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