I’ve experienced such overwhelming anguish the past few years with the state of my health. Spending the majority of my life being strong, fit, mentally sound, ambitious, along with having such a thirst for life—I had no idea how to transition into this new life of a weakening body & deteriorating health. I lost the ability to drive, go out, run errands and spend most time in the house. I didn’t want to accept the terms. I wanted to believe I could feel capable again one day even if I was 80 years old, I would take it! But, my spirit was crushed. So crushed. I didn’t recognize who I was anymore and didn’t identify with my former life. Identity and health crisis...yay, fun (not really). I wanted answers and the more doctors I saw the more doom I felt was on the horizon. Along this journey I was diagnosed with more chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases that left me in a place of defeat and a notebook full of unfilled pain killer prescriptions. Then I got pregnant. Then I was put on bed rest for the entire term and puked at the sight and smell of almost everything. Then I gained 73 lbs...who gains that much weight from barely eating!!?! Aye. I went from fighting to feeling like I didn’t even have a chance anymore. I wanted to fight for it still...for my life, health, happiness & fight for the legacy I was to leave behind but I needed a chance. Dr. Kelli first gave me the confidence that a fighting chance would happen and now she has given me my fight back. I know I have a long road ahead but I have hope again!! She has an incredible gift!!
— Parisa P
I’m a physical therapist during the day and an athlete on the weekends. I unfortunately hurt my back and was suffering from chronic back pain. I did extensive research on clinics in the area and decided that HealthFit offered by far the best value. I called in and made an appointment with Dr. Mary Claire.

Right from the start I felt that Dr. Mary Claire really cared about me. She took the time to listen to me and was able to tell me exactly what the issue was and how her action plan will help me get back to doing what I love. After just 5 treatment sessions, I am happy to say I am pain free and back to playing sports. I plan to see her once a week for performance and preventative measures as my movement is much better than before.

I’ve been working as a physical therapist for over 3 years and have met a lot of other PTs. I can confidently say Dr. Mary Claire is one of a kind. If you are serious about getting rid of your pain, make an appointment with her, I promise you will not regret it.
— Justin L
Dr. Kakita is the best! My 4 month old son used to go weeks...yes weeks, between bowel movements. It didn’t worry me too much most of the time because his pediatrician said it was normal for breasted babies to go a long time without pooping. However, a few times he had gone awhile without pooping and got really fussy and would stop nursing. My normally very calm and easy going baby would scream and cry and only stop when he finally cried himself to sleep only to pick up where he left off once he woke up. I don’t know what took me so long to have Dr.Kakita see him, but when I finally did she did what she does best and gave my little guy some relief. At that time it had been 13 days since he pooped and had been fussy all day. I handed him to Dr.Kakita mid fit and she began feeling his back. She said he had some tight areas along the lower back that could be affecting his ability to poop. She relieved the pressure and showed me how to massage him at home. He stopped crying and fell asleep in her arms and pooped when he woke up! Ever since then he hasn’t gone more than 3-4 days without pooping. She is down to earth and really takes the time to listen to people and tend to their needs. If you’re looking for a natural solution to your health concerns, Dr.Kakita is the way to go!
— Jacqueline P
Dr. Kelli is an amazing chiropractor! I have a history of major inflammation in my body which includes Maniere’s Disease, TMJ and Bell’s Palsy and my back is extremely misaligned due to an accumulation of life/teaching stresses over the years. I’ve been seeing her for about 3 months now and my body feels great after each and every visit. I actually have some chiropractic services available through my health insurance but I choose to continue to see her out of pocket. Yes, she’s THAT good!

She is very knowledgeable and really takes her time to make sure I leave her office feeling great. She also gives me exercises to do at home to alleviate my muscle tensions. I love that she takes a more holistic approach in her treatments. Thanks to her, my body will thank me so much more in the long run. It’s really amazing that she not only focuses on your physical body but the nutritional and emotional aspects as well. You can really tell that she genuinely cares about her patients’ health and optimal wellness. If you’re thinking about seeing a chiropractor, go see her! She’ll change your life like she did mine! ~ Mika T
— Mika T
Dr. Mary Claire is very professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable on her craft. She makes you feel very comfortable and at ease as she listens to the symptoms and issues you have and goes the extra mile to help fix it.

After my PT appointment with her, she showed me exercises that I could do at home to help loose up the muscles and prevent further inflammation of the area. She also checked in with me a week after my appointment to ask how everything was progressing, and I’m glad to say that I’ve never felt better.

I highly recommend Dr. Mary Claire and the awesome staff at Healthfit as they all are very welcoming, friendly, and fun. Healthfit has a beautiful facility and provides a full variety of Physical Therapy, Chiropractor, and Fitness!
— Lori K
I’m so grateful for HealthFit and Dr. Kelli! Having come from assembly-line chiropractors and an overbooked acupuncturist, it’s incredible to observe how much Dr. Kelli not only listens to her patients but to their bodies as well, and treats with heart and a holistic focus on nutritional and emotional needs as well. She genuinely cares and truly knows her stuff, and has a knack for explaining what she’s doing. I’ve been dealing with aches and pains for years, and written them off as being chronic things that everyone deals with when they approach 30 (hah!), but she’s taken the time to identify root causes and reassure me that things CAN get better!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. Being an on-and-off endurance athlete, I’m used to getting muscle and tendon strains here and there after races, laying low and limping around for a few days. I recently hobbled in with a hip flexor injury after a mud run, and I left walking with minimal soreness AND a better understanding of how to keep recovering.

There’s no doubt hubby and I will be continuing to go to HealthFit for our overall wellness. We recommend Dr. Kelli to everybody!
— Jo C.
Jason is extraordinary! I have been through many trainers, physical therapists and instructors. He is by far the best!

1) He is extremely thorough in his assessments.
2) His exercises are so “on-point” to your goals. I’m a golfer and he really tailors his program to help me become better at golf and incorporate my swing and stance into the exercises.
3) He combines both healing and strengthening. That combination is very powerful.
4) He is super responsive. His responses to emails are fast.
5) His bedside manner is as good as it gets.
6) He knows what he is talking about.
7) His homework is so organized that he even has videos for all his exercises in case you forget.

I’m truly grateful to have met Jason. Thank you Jason for helping me recover from my injuries, improve my golf game and strengthen my body.
— Earl Y
I won’t go into detail about my ailments but please believe I was a difficult case. Before meeting Jason, I bounced between chiropractors, PTs, and orthopedic specialists without getting straight answers or experiencing improvement.

And here’s why I recommend Jason.

1. He’s holistic whereas other practitioners have a narrow focus (and thus are prone to misdiagnoses).

Jason understands overall body mechanics (e.g., a problem in your foot can create a cascade of problems in other regions) and the reality that injuries/sources of pain can be symptomatic of underlying problems that others overlook. I guess the classic example is the patient who complains of knee pain and gets a brace slapped on him (or perhaps schedules an MRI that’s inconclusive). Jason instead explores your habits + history, performs screens to identify muskoskeletal imbalances, and does all this other stuff I can’t explain before setting you on a regimen (I butchered that explanation but you catch my drift).

The unfortunate truth is that many docs treat ailments as black/white and rush to judgment, and it is dangerous for patients to equate confidence in a doctor’s tone to accuracy. Jason appreciates that not all bodies are made equal and that there’s a lot of gray that requires patience and careful thought.

2. More to him than just a job

Many practitioners are of the view that they’ve earned their paycheck once the hour mark hits. Jason obsessed over my issues and was relentless. There were multiple times late in the day when he’d delay dinner/personal plans to troubleshoot my problems or answer questions. He’s responsive to texts/e-mails on weekends and weekday nights and regularly checks in on my progress.

You can’t argue against his credentials but he remains a student of the game and keeps up on and explores other disciplines that complement his approach.

3. Attention to detail

During exercises/routines, Jason watches my form painstakingly closely. He won’t let me continue until I’m doing it right, and it’s made all the difference for me. Remember, form over reps! And let me just interject here to say that crossfit is ludicrous (my words, not his).

Fast forward to today. I’ve made great progress and continue to see him to round out my body and attack weak areas. We’ve become close friends. But let me importantly note that Jason takes our sessions today just as seriously as he did at our initial consultation - Me: I’m pretty messed up aren’t I? Jason: Ummm... yeah, you could say that.
— David L
Dr. Kelli takes a more holistic approach and didn’t just treat my spine like most chiropractors. She’s highly knowledgable and took the time to ask about my routines, diet and ailments. I left feeling a little sore, but the next day I def. felt more centered. She advised on some stretches and diet improvements (clean up my sugar diet) to help with my leg pain, did some adjustments and worked on some knots in my back as well.
— Robin T
So glad I found Dr. Kelli Kakita! I have a minor case of scoliosis and I constantly feel pain on my left shoulder blade and lower back. Within the last two weeks, I’ve noticed that my back has significantly improved with just TWO VISITS!!

Dr. Kakita does a wonderful job on explaining why different muscles and bones start feeling pain and what you can do to prevent it from happening. She also gives you detailed exercises and stretches you can do at home to strengthen muscles and release tension. If you are constantly sitting at work and feel pain on your back, I highly recommend you to make at least one visit to adjust your back and hear what she has to say.
— Donald L
I have suffered from lower back pain since I was in my twenties and NO one has ever been able to get me back on my feet faster than Dr. Kelli !!! In one appointment she was able to get me back up and walking again. Not only did she tap into my physical wellness but she also was able to tap into helping me heal emotionally as well, which led to a lot of my physical issues. Thank you Dr. Kelli for everything !!! Would I recommend her to anyone and everyone?! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!
— Brandon Y
I’ve been coming to healthfit for about 3 months now and I could not stress enough how thankful I am towards Dr. Han, Dr. Kelli, Dr. Mary Claire and the entire healthfit team. They are professional, caring, and just awesome human beings. They are on top of their game!

3 years ago I suffered from a herniated disc in my lumbar region and although the treatment I got at the moment relieved me of the pain it soon came back after about a year. In my recovery I’ve always had lower back pain. I began to think that its just something I have to live with for the rest of my life. All that changed when I went into healthfit.

I came to Dr. Han with very low confidence that I will make a full recovery. That all changed when I began doing the stretches and exercises that was provided by Dr. Han. He put the hope back in my life. I’ve been to other physical therapists and various chiropractors but nothing is parallel with it comes to the care of Doctors Han, Kelli, and Mary Claire. Not only did they help me get better but they also educated me on how the body works and what I can do to use my body in a correct way.

Last but not least healthfit is very professional, clean, attentive, supportive, HONEST and overall just caring. I feel like I’m in good hands when I’m there. Will definitely come back to get some personal training. Thanks a ton Healthfit!!
— Ray T

Jason is BY FAR the best PT I’ve ever been to. If you have any sort of aches, pains, injuries, or soreness, I highly recommend going to see him. Typically, in my experience, most people believe they need to have a sports related injury, in order to see a PT. I can assure you, that’s not the case. Specifically with Jason, because he is extremely astute in all aspects of PT.

In my case, I’m what I like to call a “Desk Athlete”, as I spend more than half of my day sitting behind a computer at my desk. The desk portion of the title is self explanatory, the athlete part probably needs a little more clarification. One would think that sitting at a desk would be the most painless thing in the world, unfortunately and miraculously, I have been able to come up with a plethora of pains and soreness from doing so.

Most recently I had a knot in my neck and shoulder that would not go away. I kept thinking it would “just go away”, but that NEVER happened. Finally, after about 2 months of chronic pain, I decided to give Jason a call. I had seen him in the past for a lower back issue, and he did wonders. I figured he might be able to help this time, and I was correct. After his assessment and treatment, I instantly began to see results. What shocked me the most, was that my condition seemed to improve even more over the next couple days. Jason truly is awesome.
— Justin F
I can’t say enough good things about Kelli! When I first came to her I injured my lower back lifting and in a few sessions with her my back was feeling good and I was able to move around like normal. I came back to her a couple weeks ago for a back adjustment and she not only helped with my back but also an old ankle injury I was having problems with. She gave me exercises to do at home to help break up the scar tissue that had built up. My ankle feels a great deal better now and has more mobility than before I saw her and I can’t thank her enough for it. Kelli is a very genuine and caring person who takes the initiative in getting to know her clients and help them any way she can! I’d recommend her to my friends and family and anyone in need of a chiropractor! I can’t say this enough thank you Kelli for helping fix me!
— Amanda B
Had my first session with Dr. Jason Han. He was recommended by a friend and after reading all the reviews decided to make an appointment. I live in South OC and was given an appointment right away at a time that worked for me. I have had both my ACL and menisci repaired. I recently tore my meniscus again. My ortho told me that as long as I can perform everyday activities I should stay away from surgery. I like to play sports and have a little one to chase after, so my daily activities are not the norm. I knew I needed to strengthen and that what I was doing wasn’t working.
Jason is very personable and professional. He makes you feel very comfortable. My ortho told me I need to strengthen but not to do squats and lunges! Jason worked me through a program, start to finish. He didn’t just show me some exercises and watch me do them. He started with a pre-workout routine, then core work, then stabilization and leg work. He pays attention to details and really fine tunes your movements. With his little tweaks in positioning and movement you can really “feel the burn” in each exercise. Although he describes many of the exercises as “simple”, by the end I felt thoroughly worked out, more than I’ve felt in a gym with weights.
I thought this would be a brief review, but there is so much you can say about Jason and his expertise. I highly recommend Jason for any and all of your prehab, rehab, sports specific, or just plain moving better.
— Jennifer W

Jason is the only medical practitioner I’ve ever been to who has connected all of the aches and pains I’ve had over the years (knee pain, tight hamstrings and lower back, sore upper back and shoulders) in a way that makes sense to me (common person with no medical background) and treated them all effectively and thoroughly. If you’re looking for someone to simply help you feel and be better, look no further. And if you need additional convincing, check out his website and read his philosophy about treating patients - it’s so different than what we’re all sadly conditioned to believe about pain and our bodies. Jason can help you - and he can help you faster and in fewer visits than you’d spend with any other PT in Southern California, hands down.

I initially saw Jason at his clinic (which is private, comfortable and clean, by the way! Great set-up inside a fully outfitted boutique gym with easy parking) because I threw out my back - I’m in my 30s, relatively active and way too young for a back injury. I’ve been to several chiropractors - a couple of which I like and recommend - but no one was able to 1) make my pain go away for longer than a couple days and 2) make me believe, through his therapies and exercises, that I could come back better and stronger than I was pre-injury. After a thorough assessment, he explained to me, in simple terms, why my back was so tight and how a mix of manual therapies would help me achieve the greater long-term goal of overall better movement, function and physical activity. He is very hands-on, and I appreciate that every session is a bit different. Here’s an example of how he adjusts to his patients: he asked me to show him the kinds of exercises I usually do, then he picked them apart and corrected my form so they could become part of my every day rehab. He really listens to what’s going on with you and customizes your treatment - unlike other PTs who prescribe the same off-the-shelf exercises based on the injury itself. Jason really does assess you as an individual to find the cause of what’s ailing you - it’s like he has a magnet to zero in on your pain, and then a magic PT wand to make that pain go away!

Okay, so it may not be a magic wand, but a blend of skill, precision, knowledge and world class experience. Jason has successfully worked with professional athletes and performers, so he knows what he’s doing (again, check out his website to see the impressive list of individuals he’s treated). It’s evident he is a master of his craft (and also able to connect with and treat the rest of us who don’t have household names).

It’s true his practice doesn’t accept insurance, but the old adage applies: you get what you pay for. He will give you documentation if you need to submit paperwork to your insurance for reimbursement, and he accepts Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Spending Accounts. With the increase of high deductible and consumer driven medical plans, most people will soon have to get used to the elimination of co-pays and instead pay higher out of pocket costs anyway, so you might as well invest your health care dollars on something worthwhile. Your body will thank you - immediately, and in the future.

After just a few visits, I’ve never felt better. I even started jogging again without knee pain which is amazing for me - I wrote off running years ago and while my goal is not to be a marathon runner or anything close to that, running a pain-free mile around the neighborhood with my dogs is a nice, unexpected side benefit.

Not all PTs are alike. With Jason you will get results, and he is more like part physical therapist, part coach. Like a good coach or teacher, he’ll be able to help you reach your goals where other PTs may have failed you. I encourage anyone, especially those who may have had a not-so-perfect experience in the past with physical therapy to give Dr. Han a shot and consider it an investment in your overall health and well-being.
— Jennifer L
My name is Monica Hang and I am currently the head women’s basketball coach at Los Angeles Valley College. I have had knee issues on my left knee since I was a high school basketball player. In December of 1999, I tore my ACL and had arthroscopic knee surgery. In 2000, I had to have another knee surgery because I re-tore my left ACL and I also had a slight tear in my medial meniscus. In July 2012, I had my third knee surgery for a clean up and a slight tear in my lateral meniscus. After surgery, I went to three different physical therapist and they could not help me. My own orthopedic doctor told me that I should not do squats or lunges because I have arthritis in my knee. I stopped going to rehabilitation because nothing seemed to help. Every time I did exercises on my knee, my knee would feel irritated and become inflamed. I heard about Dr. Jason Han and contacted him for help. My first visit with him began on March 19th, 2013. On June 18th, 2013, I was cleared with no restrictions. My own doctor was impressed by the result of my knee. It is currently strong and has full range of motion. I was seeing Dr. Han once or twice a week for three months before I got cleared. He has helped me return to physical activities and I can proudly say that I can do great squats and lunges with no pain. He makes rehabilitation fun. It’s not the typical stretch for 5-10 mins, get on the bike for another 5-10 mins, do some leg raises, stem machine and ice routine. He works hard and is truly passionate about helping his clients. His session includes one on one, hands on therapeutic exercise and a great workout. I love it. Dr. Han always makes time to be available for any of my questions or concerns and he always sends me a copy of each of our rehabilitation sessions which is a great to have on file. Dr. Han has changed my mechanics to better assist me now and in the future. From all the physical therapist I have worked with throughout my knee surgeries, Dr. Han is by far, the best therapist I have ever had. I wish he was my physical therapist in 1999 because I know, if I had him, there would have never been a second or third surgery. I believe in quality and not quantity, and Dr. Jason Han provides quality service. I respect his knowledge and skills to help others live a pain free and fit lifestyle.
— Monica H