Even if your are the most talented of word nerds, the term 'Chiropractic care' probably sounds like the most complicated term in the healthcare field. That's probably due to the complicated word 'chiropractic'. The word Chiropractic comes from two smaller words: 'Chiro' from Greek meaning hand and 'Praxis' meaning skill, learning, or, action. So hopefully now because you are familiar with these two words, you have a great idea what you can expect from your appointment with a Chiropractor: a hands-on approach to your health.

Chiropractors who are also called doctors of chiropractic , or D.C for short , are highly-educated, licensed, health professionals who are passionate about helping you achieve optimal health. To achieve this, your chiropractor is highly-educated in not only different diagnostic techniques but also a number of different hands-on skills like massage, hot and cold treatments, and, targeted exercises, though, the most common is spinal manipulation or adjustment.  An adjustment involves feeling out where your trouble spots are along your spine and guiding your body back into its correct position.

As for chiropractic care,  most of what chiropractic care focuses on is the relationship of your spine and neck with your body's functions and creating harmony between it all. This is no small task. Everyone is born with 33 vertebrae which are arranged in one long vertical column called the spine. Inside the hollows of your spine is the spinal cord which runs the whole length of your spine. Nerves which help your body do normal day-to-day things, like walk or sneeze, branch off of this thread. Sometimes though, your daily routine, like slouching at the computer or lifting something too heavy, along with certain environmental conditions like stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, and, stress can cause our vertebrae to misbehave and put the wrong kind of pressure in all the wrong places and you'll notice pain or discomfort. This is pain is what your chiropractor will call a subluxation and treat for you. Chiropractic care is about evaluating the who, what, where, and, when of all your aches and pains and correcting them.

That is only the beginning.  Your chiropractor is about you.  Your chiropractor wants to put you in the driver's seat of your health. Whether it is helping you nourish you back to health after an injury or illness or helping you move towards a healthier fitter lifestyle, it is all about you. Chiropractic care is about looking at your body as a whole and helping you to do the same.  Chiropractors will also help you figure out your next move on getting proper nutrition, being well rested, improving your posture, and, help you achieve an overall more active lifestyle. Oftentimes when your are treated by a chiropractor forone certain symptom,  other problems that you may be experiencing get resolved and result in a higher level of overall health and well being. In the long run, this can mean fewer visits to the doctor and hospital, and, less of those costly prescriptions.

Chiropractors are here to help you be the best and healthiest version you. Book your appointment with us today.