How We Helped Our Golfer Jim Eliminate His Knee Pain and Hit the Ball Farther

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Last week was all about getting some tips on decreasing your knee pain so you can get back to exercising again. One of the most challenging things people face in this day and age is inactivity. One of the sports that our clients love best is GOLF!

For them, there is nothing better than the smell of the grass, the calmness of the surroundings and the feeling of hitting a great swing!

If you or a loved one is an avid golfer, how many times have you had to stop because of knee pain? 

Are you tired of an inconsistent swing because of an achy knee or sharp pain every time you push off or follow through?

How many surgeries have you had on your meniscus before deciding this may be too much?

Knee and back pain are common injuries when it comes to golfers. If you think about it, the amount of torque and force you are putting through your body which each swing is tremendous! But… there are DEFINITELY things you can do to decrease your pain. To illustrate this, I want to introduce you to Jim.

Jim came in last September with right knee pain that had been bothering him for over 4 months. He was no stranger to pain after 3 previous meniscus surgeries, with about 1 to 3 years in between each procedure. This most recent episode of knee pain started when playing a lot more days out of the week and with practicing his new driver at the range.

Jim was having sharp pain on the inside of his knee whenever he had to swing hard. He decided to take some pain medicine but it just was not working anymore. He tried heat, ice and stretching but nothing was helping. Not only was it affecting his golf game, now he had problems with just walking and going up the stairs.  

Using the Titlelist Performance Institute Golf Movement Screen, we were able to pinpoint some major issues that were contributing to his recurring knee issues. If you remember my article from last week, I talked about the importance of looking above and below the problem area. If you think about it, there are a lot of moving parts when swinging a club over 90 mph! Turns out, Jim was lacking a great amount of mobility at his neck, upper back, hip and even his big toe! Because he wasn’t moving enough in these areas, the knee was taking the majority of the pressure.

Using specialized hands on techniques and stretches, we were able to get these areas looser so the knee could have a little rest. In addition, we worked on core strength, hip power and balance which were more underlying factors to his persistent knee pain. Jim was regularly active on the elliptical machine, but never did sports specific exercises to help improve his game.

I can happily say that Jim is back golfing without knee pain, just finished a golf trip to Scotland and is able to enjoy life that much more because he doesn’t have to walk around in agony all the time. Probably the most enjoyable part of this whole process for him is that he has more power and can hit the ball farther!

At the end of the day, my primary goal here is to get you back to the things you love. I’ve been getting a lot of emails from San Marino residents asking for more tips on how to help you even more. I am happy to share with you my FREE E-BOOK: 7 Ways To Stop Daily Annoying Knee Pain (…Naturally and Without Injections or Painkillers).

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