• Are you frustrated with the way you look or feel?

  • Are you a split second too slow or not optimizing your athletic potential on the field?

Our qualified Pasadena Personal Trainers are results oriented and will help you reach your individual goals!  Whether your goal is to shed some weight, fit in your clothes again or being the next Olympian... Our Pasadena Personal trainers take an individualized approach to you and your situation.

Everything starts with an in person consultation to discuss your wants, needs and goals. With that is an assessment to discover the areas you need to target the most.

For instance, if there are some underlying movement, flexibility or balance issues... they will be targeted within your exercise sessions. We truly believe we should train our clients as whole individuals... instead of isolated parts.

Even if you are dealing with some aches and pains, all of our healthcare professionals are in-house and always maintain open dialogue with our fitness coaching staff.

It is super important for YOU to take a hold of YOUR health and have those guide YOU... have YOU in their best interest!

For more info About our Pasadena personal Training: Call/Text Coach Allister Buchanan at 626-660-5405 or Email: AllisterBuchanan@yahoo.com