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Whether you are looking for the best physical therapy or chiropractic care in the Pasadena area, tired of the “rest and painkillers” advice given to you by your doctors, let down by the standard mill of a clinic your insurance has sent you to, or you’re VERY health-conscious and already know that Specialist Private Physical Therapy and Chiropractic advice is the BEST option for you… look no further. We believe that through dynamic, hands on 1-on-1 sessions; we are able to empower our clients to be more mobile, active and restore their belief in what their health’s potential truly can be. 

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What Other People Like You Are Saying About HealthFit Physical Therapy & Chiropractic

The staff here at HealthFit Pasadena is as top-notch as you will find. I’ve lived in different parts of this country. The wholistic approach to the person, to the body, to the care, the comprehensive follow up… every aspect of this team is unique.
— Pam S.
They do make you feel like family. There’s a lovingness… They’re very compassionate about what they do, their work, and they really want you to get back to feeling whole. They do everything possible to make you feel like you’re moving forward.
— Van E.
I have many girlfriends that are my age and I just love telling them I can get down on the floor and get back up all by myself without any help... and they are like ‘what?’ you can get down on the floor AND back up?!
— Kathy D.

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Neck/Shoulder Pain

Ease Neck or Shoulder Pain Before It Causes Headaches.


Back Pain

Learn the quickest ways to end back pain and stiffness naturally.


Knee Pain

Learn tips to walk further, longer and with less knee pain.


Dr. Kelli is an amazing chiropractor! I have a history of major inflammation in my body which includes Meniere’s Disease, TMJ and Bell’s Palsy and my back is extremely misaligned due to an accumulation of life/teaching stresses over the years. I’ve been seeing her for about 3 months now and my body feels great after each and every visit. I actually have some chiropractic services available through my health insurance but I choose to continue to see her out of pocket. Yes, she’s THAT good!
— Mika (School Teacher)
The HealthFit Team flushed out any swelling, broke up scar tissue and worked the parts of my body around the injury, causing it to function properly and not just feel better. They have a total understanding of how the entire body works. So when there is an injury they doesn’t just treat the problem, but every part of the body that’s affected by the breakdown. With the HealthFit physical therapists, I learned that injuries don’t have to get worse over time, but that they can be reversed and get better.
— Rashard Mendenhall (NFL Super Bowl Champ)
If you’re still looking for the the best PT’s and Chiropractors in the San Gabriel Valley, look no further. The team has helped me after both my knee and shoulder surgeries a few years ago. In no time they had me doing quick feet on the boxes again after my knee surgery. My shoulder is pain free ever since I’ve graduated from PT. HealthFit is a very comfortable and welcoming environment. The staff is very friendly and attends to your needs from the moment you step into the place.
— Margrith (Super Mom)

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