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A Personal Message From Orthopedic Specialists Physical Therapist Jason Han and Chiropractor Kelli Han. 

This Special Report was written to help clarify your view of Physical Therapy and what it can do for you. We are sharing with you 50 very common questions asked, provide answers and debunk myths (… and the skepticism) that many people have and hold concerning the Physical Therapy industry. 

This Special Report is for health conscious men and women aged 35-64+, serious about their health and who are determined enough to do something about it so they can reclaim their independence with life.

It is compiled from years of taking concerning questions directly from our clients in person, on the phone and through email. Ultimately they all have one thing in common:

They come from men and women who value their health enough to go out of their way and make a simple inquiry about what they can do about the first signs of bad health, and more, ASK exactly how Physical Therapy can help them achieve their goal of returning to restoring their health’s potential.

The questions, and the honest answers which follow, are in no particular order. And we'll use all of the 50 questions as the context for our response about what Physical Therapy is and what we can do (for you) here at HealthFit Performance & Wellness.

And it’s the latter that is important for you to understand…because very few, if any, Physical Therapy facilities in the Los Angeles area offer a “One-On-One” Physical Therapy service, in the standout way that we do.

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Dr. Jason Han & Dr. Kelli Han 

Leading California Physical Therapist & Chiropractor


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