Dr. Jason Han (Physical Therapist/Co-Founder)

As a physical therapist and board certified sports clinical specialist, Dr. Jason Han is the current Head Physical Therapist for the Los Angeles Football Club. He has dedicated a great deal of his life to optimizing his skills as a clinician and mentor in order to foster the best one-on-one care possible. Co-creator of the HealthFit System, he and team strive to give you the same level of care he has provided to his professional clients during his stints with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cirque du Soleil and currently major league soccer. 

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Dr. Kelli Kakita Han (Chiropractor/Applied Kinesiologist/Co-Founder)

Dr. Kelli Kakita Han is one of the kindest and most caring people you will ever meet. As a leader in her field, Certified Applied Kinesiologist, and Webster Certified Prenatal Practitioner... you will be hard pressed to find a Chiropractor that puts as much time and effort into the well being of her clients. Dr. Kelli loves her work because it provides her clients with hope, especially for those who have been told there is nothing they can do for their symptoms. She believes in finding the root cause of the your condition so the body can heal itself and function optimally, not simply mask the symptoms. These are all major factors in her co-creation of the HealthFit System

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Dr. Kevin Cheung (Senior Physical Therapist)

One of the most genuine people you will ever meet, Dr. Kevin Cheung feels that it is life's mission to serve others. Also graduating from USC, the #1 ranked physical therapy program in the nation, Dr. Kevin Cheung has the skills to match his personality. He engages his clients in the rehabilitation process through constant communication and empathy. He enters a partnership with them go help them stay mobile and active to restore their belief in health's potential. 

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Dr. Daphne Tan (Physical Therapist)

IMG_7695 2.jpg

Recruited all the way from Washington DC, we are grateful Dr. Daphne Tan decided to relocate to California to be part of our team. She brings a wealth of experience and a compassion for her clients which is unsurpassed. Her love for wellness and the human body drives her thirst for knowledge in order to provide you with the best one-on-one care possible. She feels that in order for you to reach your goals, a relationship based on trust is essential. Getting to know you and understanding your wants and needs will help develop a collaborative effort for your health.

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Coach Allister Buchanan (Head of Fitness & Performance Training)

With an infectious smile, laugh and the fitness training skills to match, Allister has helped a great number of his clients reach their health goals. His clients range from your grandmother that wants a life of independence again to the elite athlete that is trying to shave milliseconds off his time. Regardless of your starting point, he takes an individualized approach to keeping you mobile and active to restore your belief in health’s potential.

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April Hernandez (Client Care Coordinator)

In addition to being fantastic, artistic and a crazy cat lady… April is one of the most important driving forces behind the entire HealthFit team. As the office manager, she always makes sure that you are comfortable and having a great time here. She will definitely be your best friend if you speak to her on the phone or the moment you walk through our door!

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Alanna Reyes (Administrative Assistant)

As one of our newest team members, Alanna is an incredible addition to the team. With a BA in Communication from UC Santa Barbara, she brings a wealth of experience in customer service, organization and leadership. She loves getting to know all of our clients and helping them in anyway she can to help them reach their goals.

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Mia Han (Official Greeter)


As the youngest member of the team, Mia brings youth, laughter and an energy which makes your HealthFit experience much more enjoyable. She brings a wealth of experience in crawling, running and climbing which are essential parts of keeping you mobile and active. She loves waving, smiling and blowing kisses to all of our clients that walk through our doors. If you are lucky, you may get to experience her athletic skills of squatting and running through the agility ladder.

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