We here at HealthFit use nothing but the best when it comes to improving your health and recovery. This why we have chosen to use the NormaTec Recovery System to help our clients function at their best.

Whether you are an athlete looking for maximal recovery or want want help reducing swelling from a leg injury, compression therapy may be the solution for you! NormaTec's system promotes soft issue healing, circulation and an accelerated return to your activities. 

NormaTec's patented Sequential Pulse Technology mimics the kneading and stroking of your favorite massage techniques. There are three techniques that our unit uses to maximize your recovery: Pulsing, Gradients, Distal Release. 


1 Compression Therapy Treatment: $25

3 Compression Therapy Treatments: $68

5 Compression Therapy Treatments: $95

1 Compression Therapy Treatment (In conjunction with same-day medical or fitness session): $15

*** All Compression Therapy Treatments are 30 mins