Find out how our Webster Technique Certified Chiropractic Specialists help pregnant mothers that want solutions to their back or pelvic pain, & are worried about complications like a breech position, and unnecessary C-sections... 

As a Webster Technique Certified Chiropractor, Dr. Kelli Kakita Han understands the frustrations that many of our pregnant mothers in the Pasadena area face during some of the most beautiful yet trying months of their lives. Listening to you and your concerns are her speciality, in addition to hands on techniques and devising a plan that will give you every opportunity to have an amazing birthing process. 

We feel that it is very important for our expectant mothers to maintain proper alignment in the spine, pelvis and hips which will both help promote proper positioning and nervous system function. This also helps our clients control their stress and anxiety during your birthing journey. 

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic technique aimed at improving sacrum, sacro-iliac and pelvic positioning. Dysfunction in this area may contribute to difficult labor due to poor performance of the uterus, pelvic contractions and unnecessary pulling of muscles and ligaments. 

More and more women like you and birth providers such as midwives, doulas, nurses and doctors are discovering the power of chiropractic care in pregnancy. 

We have helped many pregnant women in the Pasadena area stay mobile and active to restore their belief in health’s potential. 


We understand that every mother has their own personal goals when it comes to the birth of their child; whether it be a natural delivery, without the use of drugs, or trying to avoid any type of surgery. If you are looking for every advantage to have a healthy and happy pregnancy, chiropractic care from our Webster Technique Certified specialists may be the way to go!

Feel free to call the office at 626-365-1380 if you have any questions or concerns. 

With Gratitude,

Dr. Jason Han, DPT & Dr. Kelli Han, DC

Leading California Physical Therapist & Chiropractor