Do You Have Knee Pain And Your Foot Turns Out?

When you squat, it is extremely difficult for you to keep your feet parallel?

When jog or run, does your foot tend to whip outwards every time you push off? 

Knee pain, especially around the kneecap and inside portion of the joint are very common areas of discomfort for many. You may been given a medical diagnosis of patellofemoral pain, meniscal pain, or plain general arthritis. But what does this mean? 

These medical diagnoses do not really help heal the underlying cause of your pain because they don't necessarily take movement patterns into consideration. 

One of the most common movement faults that wreck havoc on peoples' knees is a rotation outward of the lower leg relative to the thigh. This meaning your foot looks like it is turned outwards. 

The kneecap normally runs up in down in the trochlear groove but when there is a twist in the knee, it does not travel nearly as smoothly. This may be one of the underlying causes of your knee pain. Having this twist in you knee also also places stress on random areas such as the inside of the knee which may present as meniscal pain. 

Now you are probably wondering, what can I do?!

Don't worry, there is plenty you can do. Hands on treatment to get certain muscles, tendons and joints loose so your knee can gradually settle in a better position. Stretching and strengthening of the correct muscles which will help maintain this new found position. 

Although it sounds relative simple, it does take sometime to rehabilitate a condition like this. It will take some hands on treatment by us and consistency and hard-work for you to keep up with your home corrective exercise program. Rome was not build in a day, and chances are you've been damaging your knees for sometime before actually feeling your pain.