Is Your Purse Giving You Neck, Back And Shoulder Pain?

Whenever people decide to go anywhere there is usually a checklist of items that we bring. For men most of the time we try to fit it all in our pockets where women usually have the possibility of a purse or a bag. Using a bag or a purse can simplify life making it easier because everything you need is in one spot.

On the other hand, what is in the purse or how we wear it can become a problem. On average a purse weighs about 4-6 pounds which may or may not seem like that much weight. In some cases purses can weigh more than 10 pounds! I think that we can all agree having a bag that is 10 or more pounds can be problematic.  

If we look at just the average of 4-6 pounds that comes out to being about the weight of a half gallon of milk. If you are out for part of the day or even the majority of the day that weight will eventually wear on you and become challenging. If most people were told they need to carry around a half gallon or sometimes a full gallon of milk all day, most would probably say no way. Some would do it but would likely being in pain or discomfort by the end of the day. 

To help reduce the stress on your body, decreasing the weight of the purse or bag will definitely help with this. I know there is a mom reading this thinking I can’t make it too light because I need to have drinks, snacks, wipes, and sometimes clothes for the kids. That is why whenever you use a purse it should never be on just one shoulder. It should always be across your shoulder and body that way the weight can be distributed more evenly. Even if your bag is on the heavier side, if the weight is spread across both sides evenly then it will be as much of problem.