GRATEFUL for my Health & 2017 Planning

How are YOU planning to take on 2017?!


With the New Year upon us, I've had the chance to reflect on 2016 a bit. One of the biggest things I've been trying to do is being GRATEFUL for the life I am experiencing. 

I had the opportunity to teach a Youth Empowerment Systems Fitness Seminar with some of my closest friends at The Juice Athlete Compound earlier this month in Miami, FL. One of the first things we taught our coaches to do with their kids is to create an environment for success and to get everyone "In State With A Positive Mindset" with "I AM" statements. 

"I am GRATEFUL for my family and upcoming baby." 

"I am GRATEFUL that I get to use my skills and education to better the lives of others that are seeking relief from a life of pain." 

"I am GRATEFUL for my health and will not take that for granted." 

IMAGINE you started everyday in this manner versus saying… 

…"Uggghhhhhhh… I really don't feel like going to work today." 

…"Uggghhhhhhh… I'm tired. My kids are screaming. I need to get them ready for school." 

Let's just switch things around and say…

…"I am GRATEFUL that I have an opportunity to work and provide for my family because there are a lot of people out there that struggle way more than me." 

…"I am GRATEFUL for my family and the joy they provide me." [although stressful at times :) ]

It's really just a MIND SHIFT and can truly have an impact on how you mentally start your day. 

I have an task for you if you want to make 2017 better than ever. Whether your goals are to have less pain, better health, more fitness, family time, etc… (THIS IS FOR YOU)

To do this, I want you to be GRATEFUL for what you have experienced, and then take those experiences and make them even better: 

(1) Name 3 positive things you achieved in 2016 and the reasons why you were successful. (GRATEFUL) 

(2) Rate your year 2016 (0 to 10) and why you are giving it that score. 

(3) In order to make 2017 a (10 out of 10)… what would it look like? 

(4) What ACTION STEPS do you need to take to fulfill your 10 out of 10 year. (Implementation) 

We all need a little structure from time to time to help us reach our goals. (I'm a mess if I don't) 

Hopefully this helps you in your pursuit of a healthier and happier 2017 and feel free to share your goals with us. 

We would love to hear them! 

To You & Your Health, 

Dr. Jason Han