What Is Your Belief In Health's Potential?

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HealthFit’s Unique Service Proposition is, “We keep you mobile and active to restore your belief in health’s potential.”

What does this mean anyways? 

When we first started HealthFit, we had to first figure out WHO it was that we wanted to serve? 

Have you ever been frustrated with your prior level of healthcare or had an experience that was less than stellar?

When dealing with an injury, is this is the language you tend to lean towards:

“It is what it is.”
“I’m just getting old.”
“No one can help me.”
Or even... “I don’t deserve to feel this way... there must be a way!”

If any of these describe you, you are exactly the type of client we aim to serve and help every single day. 

As team members at HealthFit Physical Therapy & Chiropractic, we are NOT ok with mediocrity. Everyone from our front desk to our specialists partner with you to help you realize that there is a much better life ahead of you. 

Oftentimes our clients will tell us, “It hurts here, but it’s not too bad. I can live with it.”

My answer usually goes something like, “What if I can decrease that discomfort by X% or in even some cases, make it go away? What would that mean to you?”


If you are ok with JUST dealing with it, you are not realizing your health’s potential. 

It’s our mission here at HealthFit to partner with you to help you get to a place that you have pretty much forgotten about. By working WITH you, we start to work on that mind shift that will allow you to start to envision what life can possibly be like. 

We do this by first listening to you, helping you decrease your pain, correct the underlying problem, get you strong and mobile in the right places and finally do everything we can to keep it from coming back. 

I wish there was a magic pill that could heal you over night, but that is just not how it works. The process to get you to your destination takes some time, especially if it is something that you have been dealing with for a while. 

So I guess the questions is, "Are you willing to take steps towards a better you?"