Why So Many Patients Are Accessing Physical Therapy & Chiropractic WITHOUT Using Their Insurance…

With 25+ years of combined experience amongst the entire HealthFit medical team, we have watched the evolution of insurance coverage for our services in just a few years. 

10-15 years ago, insurances did a pretty good job of reimbursing healthcare practitioners for their work. 

Unfortunately this is no longer the situation as insurance reimbursement continues to decline. (Partially because of unethical billing practices but I’ll save that one for another day.) Because of this, your healthcare providers are forced to see more and more clients in order to make ends meet. It is all about appeasing the insurance companies, NOT the clients! 

This is exactly why our Physical Therapy services are private-pay and our Chiropractic Services integrate an out-of-network model. 

We do not treat our clients JUST BASED ON THEIR INSURANCE… we treat them as INDIVIDUALS and get them MOBILE & ACTIVE AGAIN. 

When a potential client calls, we spend a great amount of time getting to know the person, their issues and their concerns. We do not care about insurance or what they say or think we should do. We focus 110% on the patient and try to determine if we are a good fit for each other first, and then move forward.

Now, we can focus on solving the issues and getting the patient to reach their goals quickly, whether that means returning to golf or tennis, playing with the kids, sitting at the computer or in the car without complaints, or improved activity and mobility. 

Instead of spending countless hours at the computer inputting useless information to appease the insurance companies, then doing an evaluation and maybe getting 10 minutes of hands on time. Now, the evaluation takes 15-25 mins minutes and then the patient gets one-on-one care for another 30-45 minutes during the first session. So, the results come quicker and last longer as the quality of care has risen.

A few quick stories:

Had a patient who was involved in a car accident where she was hit from behind at a high speed. Her insurance sent her to a local Chiropractor that insisted she had to come in 3x/week for next 3 months to feel “any” relief. He also insisted she file a personal injury claim with a lawyer that he knew so they could get as much money from the insurance companies as possible. She felt pressured but decided to pay out of pocket and have her insurance company reimburse her instead. After about a month of treatment, with hands-on-treatment lasting about 5-10 minutes, she actually felt worse. The tension and stress from the accident, not getting better and not knowing if she would be active again was weighing in on her. She decided to take her health into her own hands and reached out to us to see if we would be a good fit for her. After a Discovery Session, we were able to listen to her concerns and create a plan that had her as the centerpiece. She then went on to receive Chiropractic and Physical Therapy one-on-one care which helped resolve her problem rather quickly with only 1-2 sessions per week. In retrospect, she was thankful she did not have to go through her insurance first because she had the freedom to choose and trust who would help her gain her life back. 

My last story is about a patient from earlier this year. She had been dealing with severe foot pain that just wasn’t getting better. She could barely walk 10-20 feet without excruciating pain and had to revolve her life around how war she could tolerate walking. She had been to multiple insurance based Podiatrists and Physical Therapists that just kept selling her MULTIPLE overpriced orthotics at $300+ and sent her home with exercises WITHOUT ANY HANDS-ON TREATMENT. She was tired of her In-Network options because she felt like she was just part of an assembly line. With her physical therapists treating anywhere between 2 to 4 people an hour, she felt they just weren’t focusing on her individual problem. She decided that her health was worth a lot more than her insurance benefits and decided to come in for the best care possible. After a few short weeks, she was feeling much better and able to be mobile again. Because she was so consistent with her home exercises, we could focus more on the hands on aspect of her care and tailor a specific plan of action for her. She has made incredible strides and does not have to depend on others to help with her daily activities. She was the first to say that she wished we took her insurance, but understood why we didn’t and was very thankful for her experience with us at HealthFit.

Benefits of Private-Pay/Out-Of-Network Physical Therapy & Chiropractic at HealthFit in Pasadena:

  • Patient-driven care
  • Holistic treatment approach: let’s discuss all of your complaints.
  • One-on-one hands-on care for 30 or 60 minute sessions.
  • Book within a few days; don’t wait months for an appointment.
  • Integration of Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Fitness services to help restore your belief in Health’s Potential.

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