Seriously... I Hurt My Back Picking Up Groceries?!

All too often we hear the question “why did my back go out or why did I blow out my shoulder, all I did was sweep, pick up my kids, or put groceries in the car etc.” This goes along with the saying of the straw that broke the camels back.

If we break down that saying, it means the straw was too much for the camel and this resulted in an injury. For any person, picking up your kids, cleaning, and lifting groceries should NOT cause pain or injury.  When this is the case multiple factors need to be addressed.

Usually the primary goal of anyone in that situation is to get out of pain. Doing that is a wonderful first step but there are many other steps that need to be taken. We need to address the issues of why doing such a simple daily task has put you in such pain and what can be done to help correct that.

When and if there is pain during a “simple” task, we must look a multiple factors. Some of these factors include how long you have done that activity, your strength, your stability, your form, and your nutrition. If we sit for a long period with poor posture, do not exercise or work out at all, have a history of injuries, and or eat poorly it may be setting us up for failure. Everything in the body has a cumulative effect. You may not have taken excellent care of your body for a few weeks, months, or years and over time it has started to build up so that one time you were putting your baby in the car seat or trying to pull groceries out of your car your low back just “goes out”.

The best thing to do in any situation is to address all these factors. If you only help or fix one then that is GOOD but fixing all of them is GREAT.

~ Dr. Matthew Starling - Certified Applied Kinesiologist