Can My Poor Posture Cause Headaches?

How we sit, stand, and do activities can either help or hurt us when we have an injury. When most people sit at work, in their car, or at home their head comes forward, shoulders roll in, and we arch our upper and middle back.

Our bodies are fantastic at trying to stay functional. It is hard to stay functional if all you can see is your feet and the ground from having your head flexed forward and shoulders rolled in. The body has an amazing reflex to keep your eyes level with the horizon so that you can walk, run, drive, and interact with other people. If you are in this position for an extended period of time it will start to ware on you especially in the head and neck.

This position really affects any neck or shoulder complaint negatively. The muscles in the front of the chest and neck that attach to the head become over contracted. The muscles in the back of the neck and shoulders become overstretched. This combination creates a pulling at both ends of the head which can be the cause of your headaches or neck and shoulder pain.

One of the better positions for you is to keep your head and chin up while keeping your shoulders back. Doing this will help to relieve the tension in your head and neck which can help.

~ Dr. Matthew Starling, Certified Applied Kinesiologist